What We Do

Over the Counter

The Over the Counter (OTC) payment solution is available to government entities wishing to offer electronic payments. Easy to set up, OTC allows partners to securely accept debit and credit cards, as well as electronic check (eCheck). Partners can also offer customers a link to allow them to make payments at their convenience - anytime, 24/7. OTC has rich reporting capabilities and offers direct deposit into a private bank account or the State Treasury.

OnTheGo Pay

OnTheGo Pay (OTG Pay) is a mobile payment solution that allows government entities to securely process debit and credit card payments on any phone or tablet. Card information can be entered manually or using one of our swipe devices. Authorization occurs in seconds, and once the transaction is complete, partners can email a receipt to their customer. OTG does not require internet to function, card information is securely stored on the device until you return to coverage.

Common Checkout Page

Common Checkout Page (CCP) is an online payment solution that can be easily integrated into services developed by government entities or their vendors. CCP's look and feel can be visually tailored to match your service and is responsively designed, offering a seamless experience for your customer.


eGovExpress is a payment option exclusively created for eGovernment. It allows users to store payment information for simple, fast checkout on any participating service. Paying via eGovExpress also allows users to track their purchases, add notes, and receive email notifications if desired.