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The State of Montana's eCalendar service is a valuable resource for citizens to learn about state government events, meetings and hearings. Posting events in the eCalendar service can be used to meet the public notice requirement outlined in state law.


Meeting Information

  • Contact information, time, date and locations are available for all meetings posted.
  • Agendas and meeting details are available on each calendar event if and can be downloaded ahead of the meeting if available.

Calendar Syncing

  • RSS Links, iCal Links are available for convenience.

Search Features

  • The eCalendar's search feature will search for keywords in both the "Subject" and "Body" fields.
  • Searching is available by Statewide or by Agency as well as month, day and year.

State Law

  • The mt.gov eCalendar can be used to meet the public notice requirements of state law.